11 products to make your conference rooms smarter and easier to use

Video technology is making it easier to collaborate and connect with remote workers or vendors outside of your area.

Google I/O 2018: What to expect and how to watch

Google I/O 2018 is just a couple short weeks from now.

Apple under 'in-depth' EU investigation over Shazam acquisition

"As a result, competing music streaming services could be put at a competitive disadvantage," says the Commission.

Microsoft looks to bots to make employees more productive

Microsoft is working on multiple chat bots it's counting on to make employees more productive.

Microsoft is dropping its Windows Phone apps for Teams, Yammer, Skype for Business in May

The long, drawn-out death of Windows Phone still isn't over.

Tickets and prices - DES - Digital Business World Congress

The world's leading event dedicated to #DigitalTransformation is happening soon! Get your pass 35% off with our discount code.

​How to upgrade to Ubuntu Linux 18.04

Eager to make the move? Read this first.

This smart sensing fabric is in everything from gaming gloves to shoes

BeBop is capitalizing on the rush to make the world measurable with novel fabric sensors that go anywhere.

Windows 10 Lean: Latest build offers first glimpse of Microsoft's new cut-down OS

Microsoft has built a lightweight version of Windows 10. It's called... Windows 10 Lean.

Browser wars 2018: Microsoft Edge falls behind ... Internet Explorer?

Microsoft Edge isn't winning over Windows 10 users.

Google reveals Chrome's new look: Here's what you'll see in Material Design refresh

Google is overhauling the look of Chrome on Windows.

Is Apple Pay really accepted at 1-out-of-2 retailers? Not in the real world

Apple claims that half of all US-based retailers accept Apple Pay. We tested that claim. The results were not promising.

Top 5 Uses for Alexa

Top 5: Ways Alexa can help you get work done

Read more: https://tek.io/2pNVZCF (via TechRepublic)

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Seven things Apple needs to unveil at WWDC 2018 https://zd.net/2qUXXlc

Mysterious cyber worm targets medical systems, is found on X-ray machines and MRI scanners

Orangeworm hacking group carefully selects victims in highly targeted attacks.

The G6 is the way forward for Motorola

The legendary cell phone brand once known for slim phones needs to take a razor to its product portfolio.

Microsoft looks to bots to make employees more productive

Microsoft is continuing its quest to try to make workers more productive via a variety of bots, including SwitchBot and Calendar.help.

Microsoft is dropping its Windows Phone apps for Teams, Yammer, Skype for Business in May

Windows Phone users will lose support for their native Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Skype for Business apps as of next month.

Dossier: The leaders in self-driving cars

While a number of companies are entering the autonomous vehicle space, these 10 are making the most progress in advancing the technology.

Does Apple need a cheaper iPhone?

If Apple wants to sell more iPhones, it needs to release a cheaper iPhone -- and not some hack device like the iPhone 5C or SE. https://zd.net/2Jl9QYm

17 internet-connected things that really shouldn't be online

A roundup of some of the more bizarre things that are online -- but really shouldn't be.

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AT&T's 5G 'foundation' technology is now live in 141 markets

This rollout included upgrading cell tower infrastructure with advanced LTE features that will support 5G when it's ready.

​What's the most popular Linux of them all?

Let's cut to the chase: Android is the most popular of all Linux distributions. But that's not the entire story.

Backed by Bill Gates, EarthNow wants to show us every inch of our planet in real-time

This startup hopes to deploy a vast network of satellites to livestream Earth.

After ransomware attack, Atlanta spent fifty-times more than the ransom demand

The city was hit by the notorious SamSam ransomware -- and the ransom was set at around $55,000 worth of bitcoin.

Global automation readiness. Who's prepared, who's in trouble?

The US ranks ninth overall. The UK placed eighth.

Why the next iPhone doesn't need to be faster or thinner

The next iPhone needs to focus on something else.

Internet Explorer zero-day alert: Attackers hitting unpatched bug in Microsoft browser

Victims need to open an Office document that launches a malicious page in the background and delivers malware.

Windows warning: Tech-support scammers are ramping up attacks, says Microsoft

Windows 10 security won't protect you from tech-support scammers' lies and trickery.

Why SSL is part of the problem behind a dramatic increase in malware and ramsomware in Q1 2018

Attackers are using HTTPS to carry malware. Companies need to do DPI on SSL packets to guard against it.

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Mother's Day 2018: The best tech and gadgets for your mom this year https://zd.net/2HlxXFz

This robot is designed work in areas unsafe for humans

If it's too dangerous for humans, send in a robot.

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IBM launches open-source library for securing AI systems

The framework-agnostic software library contains attacks, defenses, and benchmarks for securing artificial intelligence systems.

Apple is replacing some 13-inch MacBook Pro batteries

Following expanding components, Apple is replacing some 13-inch MacBook Pro's batteries.

Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus: The 12 most exciting features

These are the top features of Samsung's new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus set to be released in mid-March.

Google's Project Zero exposes unpatched Windows 10 lockdown bypass

Google denies multiple requests by Microsoft for an extension to Project Zero's 90-day disclose-or-fix deadline.

Facebook moving 1.5 billion users away from GDPR protection

Facebook is making changes that will prevent non-European users previously under European laws from being protected by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Microsoft offers limited-time 30 percent discount on SQL Server on Linux

Microsoft is offering 30 percent off a SQL Server 2017 on Linux subscription through June 30, 2018, to qualifying customers.

Photos: Cold War ZX Spectrum clones spawned behind the Iron Curtain

Fitted inside telephone cases, or even toy organs, these Speccy replicas were less expensive but arguably more creative than the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

The greatest resistance to Robotic Process Automation comes from IT departments

Prepping for the next wave of automation may be a messy affair, involving tearing up processes and training robots.

Data firm leaks 48 million user profiles scraped from Facebook, LinkedIn, others

Exclusive: Profile data was scraped without user consent or knowledge to "build a three-dimensional picture" on millions of people.

​Microsoft releases its first Linux product

For the first time, Microsoft has released its own Linux kernel in a new Linux-based product: Azure Sphere.

Volume, velocity, and variety: Understanding the three V's of big data

For those struggling to understand big data, there are three key concepts that can help: volume, velocity, and variety. These three vectors describe how big data is so very different from old school data management.